Community Brew 5

Community Brew 5 was held at Sam's house. We brewed the following:

  • Cherry Burbon Stout (All Grain) (5 Gallons)
  • Ginger Beer (10 Gallons) (This got split up somehow, can someone fill in the details)
  • Mai Bock
    • Head Brewer: Aaron Christensen
    • Estimated Yield: 5 gallon. 48-55 12oz bottles
    • Info: A malt-extract lager. Mai Bock's have a higher-than-average alcohol content deceptively covered up by their full flavor and body.
  • Spiced Mead, Santa's Jolly Sleigh Juice (A Winter Metheglin)
    • Head Brewer: Ian Anderson
    • Estimated Yield: 5 gallon. 48-55 12oz bottles
    • Info: Well, Ian feels confident enough in this one already to give a name (and a subtitle). Think X-mas and all the wonderful cinnamon and nutmeg smells that come with it. Hopefully, this will be ready just about in time for the holidays, too. Thanks Ian for stepping up at the last second on this one!


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