Imperial Rye Porter with Rye Whiskey (10 gallon, Partial)

recipe was based off off the baltic porter from northern brewer and mixed in some advice from a forum post on using rye.

Head Brewer

Sam Pierson
(Recipe adapted from All-Grain to Partial Mash by Aaron C)


  • 2.5 lbs Munich Malt
  • 2.5 lbs Pilsener Malt
  • 2.5 lbs Vienna Malt
  • .25 lbs Chocolate Malt
  • 5 lbs Rye Malt
  • .75 lbs Black Patent Malt
  • 10 lbs Gold DME
  • 3 oz perle
  • 1 oz mt hood - substitutions are fine
  • Rye Whiskey?

Boil Schedule

  • 60 min - add perle
  • 15 min - add 1/2 oz mt hood
  • 5 min - add rest of hood

// defaulting here, might change, will update.

Mash Schedule (Remove this if you did extract, keep it if you steeped grains.)

  • 154 60 min
  • 170 10 min

Process (Just a Guess For Now)

  1. Partial Mash
    1. Heat water to appropriate temperature (how much water? What temp?)
    2. Mix in grains with water into mash tun
    3. Let sit for one hour
    4. Towards the end of the hour, heat up sparge water (170 degrees, or based on how much water is used…, how much water?)
    5. Lauter into boil kettle
    6. Pour sparge water into mash tun and let grain settle (~15 minutes)
    7. Lauter into boil kettle
    8. !!!Note!!! Need to make sure we don't use too much water (might kill efficiency) since we need to account for 12 lbs of LME in boil kettle. Might need to add LME directly to carboys.
  2. Boil
    1. Stir in LME and DME
    2. Add additional water (as much as seems safe)
    3. Bring to boil
    4. Follow hop schedule
  3. Pitching
    1. Cool down to 70 degrees
    2. Split evenly between two carboys
    3. Add water to both carboys to bring total volume to 10 gallons


  1. Brewed on 8/1/2008
  2. Racked on 9/6/2008 Added Jim Beam Rye Whiskey 1 pint.
  3. Bottled on ….
  4. Drinkable by …


  1. SG :: None Taken
  2. FG :: …
  3. ABV :: ~8% (Estimation based on a previous brew of the same kit)


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  • All temperatures are in Fahrenheit.
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