Raw Honey Mead

Head Brewer

Josh Campana


  • 12lbs Raw, unfiltered honey

Boil Schedule

  • No boil


  1. Filled 7 gallon bucket with 1 gallon (12lbs) of honey and 4 gallons of water.
  2. Added a couple ounces of yeast nutrient


  1. Brewed on 9/26/2008
  2. Racked on ….
  3. Bottled on ….
  4. Drinkable by …


  1. SG :: None Taken
  2. FG ::
  3. ABV ::


  • This is an attempt at a Raw honey mead, meaning the honey is unpastuerized and is not boiled or even heated. This in theory should allow the healthy enzymes in the honey to survive into the mead and produce a better, healthier drink
  • However, because there is no boil the possibilities of it not working out right are also increased.
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